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Eyebrow Growth Serum

Eyebrow Growth Serum - SpiceScene
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Gone are the days of short, non-existent eyebrows. Luscious eyebrows are the 2019 trend, don't miss out on the photo-ready brows that you deserve.

Achieving thicker eyebrows has never been easier! No more wasting your time every morning with frustrating eyebrow pencils. Forget about the expensive salon treatments that require consistent upkeep. Let's be real - who has that kind of time and money.

Your solution? Eyebrow Growth Serum - the easiest way to enhance your natural lashes in the comfort of your own home. Thousands of satisfied customers are loving the simplicity of application and the affordable price. Spend less than 5 minutes applying each night and let the results speak for themselves!

Most customers notice results in as little as 14 days


- Remove makeup and all product from eyes. Wash off any residue from makeup remover. Ensure that eyes are completely cleaned.

- Apply at night to the base of the eyebrow with the included applicator. Blot any excess solution. This product should be used sparingly as a small amount goes a long way. Only one stroke is needed with each application.

- Allow eyebrows to dry before applying any other product to face

- Wash off in the morning

- Works best when used once per day consistently

- Contact lenses should be removed prior to application and can be reinserted 15 minutes following application.

- Do not get in eyes or on any other part of body other than eyebrows. Wash immediately if product comes in contact with eyes. 

Do not use while pregnant or nursing. Do not use if you have allergies or sensitivities. Always ask a doctor if you have any questions about if this product is safe to use. 


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